Set Your Most Important Tasks (MITs)

The master plan to do list

The master plan to do list (Photo credit: the green gables)

Do you ever feel like your day goes by like a whirlwind? From the time you sit at your desk it’s one interruption after another – phone calls, emails, people at your desk, putting out fires, etc… Then quitting time, you realized nothing concrete was accomplished!

A key tip from one of my favorite books, “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta is to set your Most Important Tasks (MITs) for the day:

  • Think of 3 things that must get accomplished
  • Write them on a sticky note and keep by your computer
  • Make sure they are realistic (i.e. a “task” vs. a longer-term “project”)
  • Cross them off as you complete

Getting in the habit of doing this each day will make a difference. It gives you discipline and sets you up for success. Good luck!

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  1. Great tip! I am going to try this tomorrow!

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