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You’re less than 24 hours from a big presentation – regardless of how many people in the audience, it’s more than you’re used to. And only a working mom knows, the presentation itself it not the only worry: finding time to get dressed, getting the kids attended to, and travel to the presentation. Here are some ways to cope:

  • Wear something you feel good in. I like to dress up for my presentations, so for each large meeting I use it as an excuse to buy something new. Never be afraid to run into your favorite boutique and say “I have a very important presentation tomorrow and need to look fabulous!”
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Do it in your head, but also rehearse alone to a pretend audience. Try your living room before everyone is awake or your hotel room. And don’t forget the stopwatch – The best presentation is tight, concise, and free from filler works like “umm,” or “you know.”
  • Smile. Content means nothing if you don’t support it with a smile.
  • Be confident. Even if you’re terrified, act confident. Not arrogant; just happy to share what you know with the audience.
  • Find your fans. They will be out there in the audience smiling back at you. Spend a few minutes looking that way, then scan the room and present to a fan on the other side. Anyone making an angry or questionable face is probably just tired or stressed about something else.

Break a leg!

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