The Wanderlust


Before you got the job of working mom, did you love travel and adventure? Just because you have obligations and responsibilities now doesn’t mean that the excitement of trying something new is off the table. In fact, I give you permission for one day to set aside any thoughts of money, a full inbox, pets, kid’s activities, or anything else that’s tying you down…

Spend a weekend dedicated to adventure. You don’t have to travel far – there are plenty of places within a couple of hours that you may have never explored. Or, you could try one of the following:

  • Find a quiet place and write down your bucket list
  • Make a list of all the states/countries you have ever visited
  • Plan next year’s big family vacation to someplace new
  • Search the web for nearby adventures for your next long weekend
  • If all else fails, download a screensaver – my favorite is Webshots (

Safe travels!

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