Please Mommy, Don’t Go!

Girl hugging her mom. Isolated on white.Nothing brings on more working mom guilt than a clingy, crying little one during drop off time. While it gets easier with time to say goodbye, it’s perfectly normal to feel like you’d rather change places with the caregiver for the day!

Here are some tips to cope if your little one has separation anxiety:
-Let them cry, take a walk for 3-5 minutes, then peek back inside. Chances are they’ll have forgotten about you by then.
-Find a favorite toy or activity, start playing with him/her, then quietly sneak out once they get involved. For example: my son used to love the Playskool Weebles Musical Treehouse at our gym daycare, so each time we’d get it out and I’d leave once he was focused on playing.
-Encourage your toddler to “push you out the door” – it makes them feel like they are in control of the situation
-Remember, kids go through phases. How would you feel if they didn’t care you were leaving?

You can do it, mama!

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