Silly Work Blunders

Woman feeling embarrassedWhether it’s being late to a meeting, a type-o in a presentation, milk stains on your dress, or a “I just wanted to let you know you have food in your teeth,” we’ve all been there. In fact, blunders and being a working mom just go hand in hand! The good news is that they have no direct impact on your work performance; The bad news is that these silly mistakes can have an adverse and indirect impact on  your work image. And lets face it – perception is reality!

Here are some ways to recover:

  • First, take a quick (i.e. a nanosecond) look to see if anyone even notices. If less than 20% of your audience does, just move on.
  • If the blunder is completely apparent, apologize sincerely, then move on.
  • If you’re getting feedback on a blunder, thank the individual for letting you know. Let them know how you appreciate them saving you from future humiliation.
  • Should the blunder be big and the individual is annoyed, hurt, or upset, take the onus. My favorite line is “believe me, I feel as stupid as I look.”
  • Always remember, learn from your mistake. Make a plan for it to never happen again!


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