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egirlfinanceDo you manage your family budget? Or does your other half take charge? Keeping watch over all the family spending and savings can be stressful. Like laundry, it’s a never-ending chore; yet with smart budgeting there’s an upside: With a little oversight, you can become more disciplined with spending and even uncover things like unauthorized charges!

Food for thought:

1. Have a system that saves you time – try (they also have an app) – it automatically downloads all your bank and credit card statements, organizes into categories and makes calculations

2. Review every charge – are you familiar with everything? Keep your receipts on hand. Credit card fraud or even “mistakes” can happen to everyone.

3. Sit down once a month with your partner to talk finances – it could just be a quick 15 minute review of the budget together.

4. Set a goal. Some ideas could be an exotic vacation next year, more money toward college savings, or a conservative “rainy day” fund.

So often couples fight over money – your opportunity is to preempt this by being open, honest, and collaborative about your finances. Don’t let you lack of time intimidate you!

Looking for more information? Try these 10 tips.

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  1. Simple, straight forward and effective… it!


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