Pulling off the big birthday party

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Remember the days when birthdays meant cake and ice cream at home, bringing cupcakes into school, or maybe an outing with a few friends to McDonald’s?

The days the understated birthdays have been replaced by over-the-top celebrations at bouncy gyms, the bowling ally, arcades, our homes with real “princess” entertainment, the horse stables, and every parent’s favorite: Chuck E. Cheese’s.

While these celebrations are a dream for our little ones, one can get pretty frazzled with the planning process. Here are some ways to help it go smoother:

  • Send out the paper invites or Evites 4-6 weeks in advance. Contact anyone who didn’t reply one week before – invitations can go astray or hit Spam boxes, and you never want a little one to feel left out.
  • Make a list one week before, shop the day before the party. If you have a helper or concierge available, send them to Walmart or the dollar store with your list.
  • Skip the junky goody bags and opt for one nice favor like a car, jump rope, ball, hat, certificate for an ice cream scoop. The cheap favors are time-consuming to assemble and are less memorable to the guests.
  • When given the opportunity, have the party anywhere but your house. Try the local park, movie theater, art studio, etc. This means no cleaning and no stress.
  • Send out thank you notes shortly after the party – we like to order photo cards from Shutterfly so there’s less writing and a keepsake for you and the guests.

Looking for more help? Check out this printable checklist: http://www.mamaloveslists.com/uploads/3/8/1/1/3811364/birthday_party_planning_list.doc

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