It’s never something until it’s in PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010 (Photo credit: juan tan kwon)

How many times have you worked to sell an idea and felt like it was going nowhere? Presenting ideas in meetings, discussions, emails, are just that – ideas. Instead, try focusing your energy on putting your thoughts together into a PowerPoint presentation. Not only will it allow you to better organize your thoughts, having it in a presentation shows to your colleagues and superiors that you are serious.

  • Set it up like a story – begin with the background information, what the problem is, and how your idea will help solve the problem. Close with what you want from your audience.
  • Use PowerPoint to present a case for a raise or promotion, a budget increase for more resources, a change in an existing process, a success you’ve had that could be implemented across the board… the sky’s the limit!
  • Use the flexibility of PowerPoint to move your thoughts around, include visuals, charts, builds, etc.
  • Share it with colleagues to get their input and build a list of “sponsors” – that way, when you make the pitch to your supervisor, you can share that others are behind it too

Good luck!

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