An Ode to Yoga

imageAre you looking to relax, sleep better and tone your body? Practicing yoga and be an excellent option for working moms. Here’s why:

  • It’s not expensive: Most gyms offer free yoga classes to their members; and if you do not belong to a gym, there are many yoga DVDs available to purchase or watch on You Tube or On Demand
  • Yoga tones the right places. Take a look at the people who regularly practice yoga: They are typically lean and flexible.
  • You get bragging rights: learn how to do things that others can’t (ex. head stands, backward bends, or balancing on your arms)
  • You learn how to be in touch with your body – how to breathe, stretch to prevent injuries, emotionally distance yourself from a hectic day
  • You get to sleep at the end of each practice. Enough said!

Looking to try some poses? Click here to check out some top apps.

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