Going Green

Young Girl Holding RecyclingThere are lots of great ways to reduce your footprint, simplify your life, and save money. Investing a little time in making changes to your daily habits can go a long way, and you’ll set your kids up for habits that help the environment.

Think of it as a challenge – how many “green” actions can you take for your family? Here are some places to start:

  • Compost: Invest in two compost bins – a small canister for the kitchen counter and a large plastic bin for the backyard, as far from the house as possible! Click here to learn the basics of composting.
  • Recycle More: Re-read your town’s recycling guide, or give them a call to ask questions. Which numbered plastics do they take? You may learn that a lot of your trash could actually go into the recycling bin!
  • Use Rags: Reduce your dependency on paper towels by cutting up old clothes and towels into rags. Keep them next to your paper towels and throw them in the wash.
  • Stop catalogs and junk mail: Visit Catalog Choice with your pile of mail, enter your address and the source codes to stop junk mail and catalogs. You can stop all pre-approved credit card offers for 5-years by visiting www.optoutprescreen.com
  • Go digital: Convert paper bills to electronic billing, save pdfs instead of printing things out, download movies, magazines, books, and music.

Looking for more ideas? Click here.

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