Have you ever had a day (or several!) where you feel so overwhelmed? Have the following thoughts ever crossed your mind?

  • “I should just quit and be a stay-at-home mom”
  • “I’m the worst mom ever!”
  • “How do the other moms have it so together?”
  • “They’re going to think I’m not able to pull my weight at work”
  • “Why is it always something that comes up and throws me off?”

Here’s a secret: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! bww102ts

Being a working mom is not easy, and we never have it right all the time. Take a deep breath, and remember that this period of stress will pass and that other women in your position often feel the same way. If it helps to talk to others, befriend another working mom in the office and seek her counsel. Never be afraid to ask for help – you might just be surprised by how supportive other working moms can be!

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