Stressed out by clutter…

czdirtyandcleantableWhether it’s your junk drawer or desk, the car, a closet, the basement, or a spare room where miscellaneous items are dumped, let’s face it, clutter adds stress!

What does all this extra stuff get you? Nothing! So it’s time to detoxify that area of your home that’s a disorganized mess.

Let’s break it down into 5 steps:

  1. Set aside 2 hours – if you have little ones, bring in a babysitter or get your other half to cover
  2. Go through everything and sort into piles:
    • Trash
    • Give to family/friends
    • Garage sale or eBay
    • Donate
    • Move to a more appropriate place in your home
  3. Seriously consider holding a garage sale each year – it’s easier to know your stuff will be enjoyed by someone else, and you receive a little money in return
  4. Unload stuff through a pick up donation service – find one that takes a variety of items (Donation Town can find one in your area). Avoid charities that only take items they can sell like the Salvation Army; also try The Freecycle Network ) or the “Free” area of Craigslist – you’ll be surprised how excited people get over anything that’s free
  5. If you have any reservations, store it in a box labeled, “Give away if not used by xx/xx/xxxx” [one year from now]

While it’s hard to purge, remember that “less is more” – your life will be better without the clutter.

Looking for more tips? Check out Real Simple’s Ultimate Guide to Getting Organized

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