The Pumping Mom

White bottle over white backgroundHands down, juggling work and pumping is one of the most challenging things a new working mom can deal with. And while companies are more accommodating today than they’ve ever been, there are very few corporations that offer an ideal environment for lactation.

Sadly, it’s difficult to put on your work hat one minute, then your nurturing hat the next. Plus, unnatural things like stress, travel, unpredictability, and the fluorescent lights can take a toll on the natural rhythm of breastfeeding or pumping.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Think of it as a temporary project – one day it will come to an end and you may actually miss it!
  • Befriend the other girls who pump – work out a schedule to share the room, exchange tips, or just vent…
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – if your supply dwindles down, the Fenugreek no longer works, or you feel exhausted, you have not failed; remember how long you’ve been doing it and how you’ve been nurturing your baby
  • Hormones are racing – just be aware that while nursing, things might be a little off-balance with your emotions. It’s okay to cry, tell your husband you hate him, or both… You’ll laugh about it later on in life.

Looking for more tips? Check out how to pump at work when you work with all men.

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