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During a busy holiday season, a big work project, or any other unforeseen event, taking some time to unwind is possible and necessary for your sanity! Here are a few ways to escape, depending on your time and budget.

1.   Lock the Bathroom Door – Take a bubble bath, do your nails, and enjoy a homemade mask.

Time investment: 15-60 minutes
Cost: $0-$10

2.   Take a Walk or a Drive – Escape during lunch hour, put on your favorite music and take a stroll or leisurely drive; bring along a magazine for a few minutes of reading.

Time investment: 15-60 minutes
Cost: $0-$5

3. Get a Day Pass – A lot of high-end spas or gyms allow you to pay for use of their facilities. This can include steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, relaxation rooms (with tea and flavored water), or fitness facilities. Nothing is more relaxing than lounging in a robe and slippers!

Time investment: 45 minutes-3 hours
Cost: $15-$404.5

4. Get a Massage – One of the more popular ways to unwind, companies like Massage Envy make it affordable. Another option is to find your closest school of massage therapy – you can get an amazing deal on a student massage. Your local nail salon can also offer a shorter chair massage.

Time investment: 20 minutes-2 hours
Cost: $25-$300

5. Take An Early Morning Moment – Wake up 20 minutes early and enjoy some peace and quiet before the morning rush. Spend the time with your coffee and a good book or magazine, check the news or social media.

Time investment: 20 minutes
Cost: $0

Looking for additional ideas? Visit Parenting Magazine’s 30+ Tips to Pamper Yourself

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