A Mentoring Relationship

??????????????????If you ask any successful female business executive how they got to where they are, most will tell a story of working hard, following a non-linear career path, and building relationships with others and learning from them. Like our male counterparts who often thrive on networking and relationship-building, we have the power to do the same – just in our own way.

While so vital to a woman’s success, the word “mentoring” may have a certain stigma to you. Yet however you choose to embrace the principles, finding a good mentor or taking on a mentee could be an excellent focus for your 2014 Resolutions/Goals list.

  • Mentoring can be as formal or informal as you’d like it
  • There are lots of places to get involved in mentoring: Professional organizations, alumnae chapters, chambers of commerce, or your own human resources
  • Becoming a mentor is a great way to give back
  • Key to a productive mentor-mentee relationship is each sharing and helping each other

So consider branching out this year, deepening your relationships, and find a mentor and/or mentee – your career and your sanity will be thankful.

Looking to learn more? Check out the Huffington Post’s Mentoring Women Blogs.

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