Conquer the Procrastination Rut

imageHave you ever gotten into a rut where you can’t seem to start an important project? No matter how urgent it is, you find a reason to do everything but the task at hand? For whatever reason, it happens to the best of us (Confession: The author of this blog has been completely suck over the past 3 weeks in a crazy spell of procrastination around this blog).

Here are a few thoughts on getting through it:

  • Perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand – have you not started out of fear that your work won’t be perfect?
  • Schedule deadlines – even if they aren’t real, setting your own deadlines can help create urgency
  • Break it into steps – sometimes the project might seem overwhelming in size, so breaking it into smaller tasks can make it feel easier
  • Share with others – by letting others know you are working on a task or project, you’ll feel more accountable for getting it done
  • Take a first pass, then step away – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but doing a very rough draft or quick run-through can help get things started

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