Being Smart with Benefits 

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how you could become more happy, healthy, and productive at work? Chances are it’s already on the mind of your employer. Employee benefits can vary depending on where you work, and there may be a number of benefits that you don’t even realize are available to you!

So here are four easy steps to make the most of your benefits.

Step 1: Understand your most important benefits 

A number of benefits are available to employees by law, and your company should have a person or department that can provide you with the specifics. Such benefits include vacation, personal days, floating holidays, sick days, maternity leave, retirement savings such as a 401(k) or pension, and health care. Make sure you understand all the details around what’s covered and that you were taking advantage of everything that’s included.

Step 2: Make a list of other benefits that are offered

Some of these could be on offered regularly or occasionally, such as job share, concierge services, financial advice or college savings planning, health advocates, paternity time off, bereavement time, flex spending for dependent care or health costs, daycare services, back up care, sabbatical time off, weight management programs, gym discounts, wellness fairs, flu shots, health checks, on-site clinic, dry cleaning services, auto services, insurance discounts, cell phone discounts, IT supply discounts, and employee assistance counselors.

Step 3: Think about all the hidden benefits that are available to you

These are things that may not be posted on the company website, but actually exist in an informal way like work from home, flexible hours, time off for volunteering in the community, reimbursement for professional organizations, time off for professional organization meetings, mentoring, training or tuition assistance, and dedicated space for lactation, meditation, or wellness.

Step 4: Make a plan to use these resources in your daily life

Do not forgo vacation in hopes that it will demonstrate your dedication to work. Go to the doctor regularly and have an automatic bank withdrawal for retirement savings. Talk with colleagues to find out how they’re using employee benefits.

It may feel a little strange to explore how to tap these resources, but rest assured, your employer will appreciate that you are making the most of these offerings to be successful and a strong contributor.

Looking to learn more? Check out this nice infographic of mandatory employee benefits.

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