He’s so advanced!

imageThe sound bites go like this, “She was walking at 9 months,” “He was reading at four years old,” “My child plays the flute so well…” We’ve all had these conversations with other moms – we compare notes on how are kids are developing, their special talents, all to gain information and support. So how is it that sometimes we walk away from this small talk feeling uneasy or inadequate? Before we jump to thoughts like, “Is my child behind?” or “What is my child’s special talent?”, let’s take a step back and remember that with the right attitude, this mom-to-mom small talk can be just what it is…small talk:

  • Kids develop at different times, in different ways
  • Just because a child develops early doesn’t guarantee him an extraordinarily successful life
  • We really just want our kids to be happy and normal
  • Competition has its place, and taking it to the extreme with children is not healthy for you or them
  • When in doubt, the pediatrician is always here to help

So bottom line: Every time you start to compare your child to another, give them a big bear hug and kiss, and remember that you are a good mother and your child is special in their own way.

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  1. I couldnt agree more. I hated hanging out with other moms because I always felt like it was a bragging contest. All babies are different. My daughters are like night and day and they are twins so how can you compare your kids to someone else’s? Thanks for posting.

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