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black suitcase trips and accessories for restIf you ever ask an expert business traveller how they pack for a trip, they’ll likely respond with a nonchalant, “I just keep it simple.” But what if you’re not used to travel? Or even more, you’re packing up the entire family? It can be overwhelming – and hard to figure out exactly how much stuff to bring.

Here are five easy steps to packing:

  1. Start ahead of time – A little planning gives you discipline and peace of mind. Get out the suitcase a week before your departure.
  2. Make a list, and stick to it – Calculate the number of days/outfits you’ll need to pack, make  a list, and resist the urge to add extra things. There are lots of catch-all packing lists on the Internet which you can customize and make your own.
  3. Roll items to maximize space, bring a plastic bag for laundry – A tried-and-true trick, its worth the extra time to roll each garment and help prevent wrinkling. Separating dirty items in a plastic bag makes life easier when you get home. Also, remember to place each liquid item in a ziplock bag to protect from leaks or explosions.
  4. Once there, unpack or plan how to pull from the suitcase – Nothing is more annoying than searching through a mess of items in a suitcase. If you’re staying in one place, unpack so you can find everything; If you’re on the move, arrange items by day in your suitcase so you can leave everything else intact.
  5. Remember, anything can be bought – Don’t worry about running out of diapers, toothpaste, or even clothing. No matter where you go, things can be purchased.

Looking to for some packing lists for your next trip? Check out the Family Vacation Critic Catch-All Packing List or the Stuffed Suitcase’s Custom Family Packing List Builder. Happy travels working moms!

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