Office Bitch

Female Office Business Silhouette

Have you ever had an interaction with a female colleague where you walk away thinking, “I though high school behavior was behind us!” Sadly, we’ve all dealt with the “Office Bitch” – sometimes she’s a bully…or untrustworthy…or fake…or just makes you feel like you’re two feet tall. Whatever it is, it’s not fun to deal with in the workplace.

Here are some perspectives you may have not considered:

  • People themselves are not inherently bad; it’s her bad behavior actions that hurt you and others
  • You cannot control a difficult person, but you can control your reaction to her
  • Walk delicately around the office bitch – only engage when necessary and treat her exactly as you would someone else
  • Remember that there’s usually an underlying reason for the behavior: insecurity, personal problems, etc.
  • Companies work to develop people and eventually the office bitch will receive an intervention…so if she starts acting differently, it’s your job to be the better person and put the past behind you

So remember ladies, let’s take the high road and support the girls!

One final note: If your problems with a colleague are seriously getting in the way of your work and emotions, click here for more tips.

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