Work-Mom Balance: Better than Ever!

Exciting news! Your WMB blogger-in-chief recently picked up a book about blogging over vacation – she’s really starting to get what this whole blogging thing is all about! She also got some really good advice on how to make WMB better than ever.

So behold some new things all WMB readers can expect moving forward:

  • The WMB Weekly Post will be posted on Friday mornings around the time most working moms wake up (i.e. early). It will cover a variety of topics including relationships, organization, career, office politics, productivity, health, style, kids, stress management, and  inspiration.
  • Throughout the week, you’ll also enjoy periodic WMB Tidbits and WMB “It list” posts. This will feature brief little reads and quick tips.
  • Please visit the WMB Community page to hear from other working moms or share something yourself.
  • Feedback is Welcomed! The Contact page is updated to capture your comments, both positive or constructive

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