The New Job: Four Strategies for Working Moms

closed door with coming soon mesageWhen it’s time to move into a new job, it can be a pretty intense experience. You may feel a mix of positive and negative emotions: excitement, unease, wonder, confusion, fear, ambition, passion, stress, or optimism. Add that to what’s already on your plate at home and you’ve got an interesting 6 months ahead of you!

Taking a cue from one of the best business guides ever written on the topic, The First 90 Days, by Michael D. Watkins, please enjoy a working mom’s take:

  • The feelings of unrest are temporary
    • Like anything new, it takes some getting used to it. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stop and remind yourself that what’s a challenge now will likely be a no-brainer in a few months.
  • Pick two or three things to focus on
    •  The First 90 Days refers to it was “Early Wins;” the working mom calls it “Cutting through the crap.”
  • Carefully build your network
    • Because we cannot do it all on our own, work to identify and build relationships with your colleagues. Connections can offer support or point you in the right direction.
  • Embrace the new challenge
    • One of the best things about starting a new job is leaving behind the old one. Prioritize everything you need to do to transition responsibilities or mentally let go of your old role so you can be 100% focused on the new.

Whether you made the job change happen or it was made for you, never forget that you can do this! The proof is in your past successes and no one is better at taking on and figuring out a  new challenge than a working mom!

Looking for more tips on starting a new job? Click here for the Cliff’s Notes version of The First 90 Days. (Like we’d ever have time to read a full book)

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