WMB Tidbit – Politics and the Lone Woman

Four businesspeople in a boardroomHave you ever found yourself in a meeting and you’re the only woman in the room? Sadly, it seems like the higher up we go on the totum-pole, the less representation we have. But rather than getting consumed with negative feelings about being underrepresented, approach this as an opportunity to bring forward our unique strengths and represent the strong working women.

As far as office politics go, they are can be different for women and we face a number of stereotypes. While, it’s not easy to navigate, it’s not impossible, and women who are successful will generally want to support others.

A really great article called “The Way We Work” came out earlier this year in Working Mother magazine. It does a great job of outlining gender bias and politics for women, then offering strategies to navigate these complexities. It’s really worth the time to read. Enjoy!

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  1. That was a great read. Thanks for sharing.

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