Five Busy Mom Essentials

Mother with baby.Have you ever been through a busy time where you start to think that there aren’t enough hours in the day? So often we’re forced to prioritize – it could be tax season, a quarterly close, a project at work, an event, or maybe your hubby is busy and his chores fall on your plate. Whatever it is, we juggle…

Should you find yourself trying to decide out which ball to drop, might I suggest five key essentials to prioritize, no matter what:

  1. Sleep – It gets tempting to forgo it to get other things done, but it actually makes you less productive, less alert and eventually breaks down your immune system. So prioritize 6-8 hours per night.
  2. Vitamins – You can get them through eating healthy fresh foods, but also through a multivitamin. Like sleep, good nutrition will keep you full of energy and fight off germs.
  3. Water – Getting dehydrated is not good, and drinking lots of it will flush out the toxins and improve your skin. The problem is that we drink coffee and diet sodas, which is liquid but works opposite on your body than the good old-fashioned H2O.
  4. Walking – When we’re busy, we can get stuck in the office chair or on the sofa working at home. It’s important for your mind and body to take a periodic stroll to break up your work and clear your head.
  5. “Me” Time – No matter how busy you are, having some time to spend in your own way is essential – you could watch TV, read a magazine, write in a journal, play with your baby, cook, do some yoga, whatever… Carve out just 30 minutes per day and it will help clear your mind.

Looking for more tips of managing through a busy time? Check out Feminspire’s Ten Tips For Handling Your Busy Life.

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  1. Let’s add coffee to the list? Shall we? 😉

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