WMB Tidbit: Take a Whiff

LavenderDo you have a favorite scent? If so, I hope that today you might find a moment to stop and take it in. Lavender is very common and has a wonderful calming effect. Verbena is also a great fresh scent.

Here are some easy ways to enjoy a moment with your favorite aromas:

  • Keep a small bottle of scented lotion at your desk – take a moment between tasks to rub in your hands, take a whiff, and relax
  • Enjoy in perfume or hand soap – make the most of everyday moments!
  • Cuddle up with your hubby and light a candle (***away from the kids for safety)
  • Try a room spray – spray your pillow right before bed, or even your car…

Looking for more ways to bring your senses into the everyday, check out CarePages’ “How to use your 5 senses to recharge.”


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