Who’s Your Inspiration?


cropped-blog-cover2.jpgHaving someone to look up to can be such an inspiration. It can motive us when we’re in the thick of juggling work and family to remember that it is possible to “have it all.”  Here are three successful working moms that have found success while being true to themselves, their work, and their children. I hope one of these amazing women will inspire you too!

  1. Kirsten Gillibrand – Not only is this New York Senator a successful lawyer and mother to two young children, she advocates for women. She recently worked to initiate an overhaul of how the Pentagon handles cases of sexual assault and rape.
  2. Indra Nooyi – She worked her way up the ranks in consulting then at PepsiCo while raising two daughters. As CEO the company’s net profit has more than doubled since she took over.
  3. Tori Burch – Her company is worth more than $3 billion and she has 3 kids! Her brand is synonymous with down-to-earth style. There’s something so likeable about her that makes you take a serious second look at the color orange.

Want to learn more about how Indra Nooyi balances family and work? Click here to read about her approach to “Tough Calls.”

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