The Mom-Mobile

Woman driving her new carLet me ask you a personal question: What is your relationship with your car? Is it a method of transportation, an extension of yourself, or something else?

One thing is certain, we spend a lot of time in our  cars – depending on your commute or how many activities your kids do, the time can really add up. So given that the Mom-mobile is like a second office, here are some ways to keep things in order:

  • Always follow the maintenance schedule – Keep a reminder for the next oil change in your calendar. While its more expensive to get a car serviced at a dealership, they offer loaner cars so you don’t have to waste time waiting
  • Keep it clean – This is hard because you’re probably thinking, “The kids are just going to mess it up again!” But for your own sanity, you will feel more zen if its regularly vacuumed and uncluttered. For example, do we really need a blanket in July? What can we do with three umbrellas? Or registration card from 2010?
  • Hang onto the necessities – Baby wipes and/or Wet Ones, a bottle of water, granola bars, a pile of books, sunglasses, sunblock, your son’s baseball glove, change for parking meters, an umbrella, reusable shopping bags, phone charger, ice scraper, a pen and paper, a brush, a magazine for wait times, and a change of clothes

So remember that your car should be a safe and healthy place. And most important, a fun place!

Looking for more tips on making the most of your mobile office? Check out “The Organized Car” on Pinterest.

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  1. Oh, I SO need to clean my car this weekend. I have said that every weekend for the past several months so it’s getting ridiculous. I read something that said cars should be washed like once a week, but you could POSSIBLY stretch it out to once every 3 weeks if you really wanted to. I was all…ummm…I’m pretty sure it’s been washed 4 times in the past 3.5 years. I finally got my house under control – now to figure out how to keep the car tidy!

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