Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Woman At Kitchen CounterHave you ever gotten to a place on Sunday night where you feel…well…not so great? It can involve feelings of letdown or frustration – i.e. nothing got “done” over the weekend, or you realize that the relaxation that was supposed to happen, never actually did! Or maybe you had such a fun time you don’t want it to end? 

Have no fear! There are ways to beat “The Blues” and make the most of your Sunday nights:

1. Find the trigger – Try to figure out why you have the Sunday night blues. Is it feeling that you didn’t achieve your weekend goals? Is it fear of returning back to the pile of work you left at the office? Taking a step back and thinking about your feelings of unrest can help you. 

2. Pretend its Saturday – Getting together with friends on a sunday afternoon/night can be so much fun! Better yet – hit the gym or take a nice long walk!

3. Create your ritual – Maybe it’s time to cuddle up with your hubby and watch a series you both enjoy. Or maybe you make a “to do” list for Monday so you can record and prioritize tasks.

4. Turn down early, and get a jump-start in the morning – It’s not productive to stay up late and feel the blues – sleep is your comfort, so let it restore you for the next week.

Looking for more tips? Check out The Huffington Post’s, “The Sunday Blues: How To Stop Dreading The Work Week.”

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