Break the rules in the kitchen!

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When it comes to cooking, do you opt for simple dishes or prepared meals to get food on the table as soon as humanly possible? For many of us, that’s our trick with balancing the home and the job (i.e. those “homemade” cookies for the party at school look so round).

One major reason we don’t break out the pan is all the ingredients! You can’t cook because you don’t have time to gather or shop for everything, right? Au contraire, working moms!

I’d like to challenge you to take a leap of faith and just use a recipe as a starting point, not a rule. Follow these five easy steps and you will break the rules like a rebel and come out with a creative take on family dinner:

Step #1: Pull out a recipe you love

Step #2: Grab all the ingredients you have

Step #3: Make substitutions for anything you don’t have

Step #4: Skip all the crazy steps included in cooking – just keep it simple and put it all in one big pot

Step #5: Enjoy a new take on a favorite dish, courtesy of you!

Bon appétit moms! Interested in learning more about substitutions, check out the Alphabetical  List of Ingredient Substitutions.

 How Macaroni and Cheese became Cheesy Risotto!


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