Five Multipurpose Must-Haves

20140725-220338-79418074.jpgAs working moms, we strive for efficiency. The smart phone and tablet are two key go-to items, but aside from that, what other tools can we use to keep our lives in order? Here are five pretty awesome items that make life easier – or at least make you look cool…

  • The Tory Burch Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet – Ingenious! This turns an ugly Fitbit bracelet into n piece of jewelry you can wear in the office or on a night out. A gorgeous brass bracelet holds the main workings of the Fitbit. Also comes in a necklace. ($195)
  • A Perfume or Lipstick Ring– Another fun gadget, these cute rings have special compartments within to hold solid perfume. Sephora sells one that hold lipstick ($49) and Victoria’s Secret has a cute one with their Bombshells in Bloom fragrance ($35)
  • A Modern Day Swiss Army Knife – Whether its a Multi-Tool iPhone Case ($45) or a credit card-sized pocket tool ($2), you’ll be prepared for opening bottles, cutting up boxes, or opening battery compartments.
  • MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream – With this all-in-one foundation, sunscreen (SPF 42!), moisturizer, and brightening cream you’ll can set aside your cover-up, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen in place of this amazing stuff! ($13)
  • Wet Ones and/or Clorox Wipes – While these aren’t really a gadget per se, they have so many uses, they’re a must-have – I like the keep Wet Ones for on-the-go, and Wipes in each room of the house. They work with spills on fabric or carpet, dirt on shoes, spills on the car seat, shopping cart or restaurant table germs, in the bathroom, etc.

Want to see some crazy gadgets designed  to make your life easier? Check out the Nifty Gadgets Board on Pinterest.

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