A WMB App?

Senior Woman Relaxing In Hammock With  E-BookIt feels like yesterday when your Work-Mom Balance mom-in-chief turned to her gadget-loving husband and said, “So what is the purpose of downloading an app?” Fast forward to today and apps are an integral part of our lives…

Even more, turns out that it’s no longer a mysterious take to create an app. A recent article in Business News Daily even reviews all the free app makers!

So the question is, if WMB were to have an app, what would it do?

  • Option A: Babysit the kids
  • Option B: Drive the kids from activity to activity
  • Option C: Organize your life
  • Option D: Link everyday problems to solutions
  • Option E: Organize a running list of working-mom tidbits that make our lives easier

Or something else? Please share!

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  1. I would go with answer D – Link everyday problems to solutions. We all have busy complicated family lives, and our problems are unique to our situations. Finding just the right app can make your day!

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