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Have you ever walked into work on a monday, only to see your desk and think: “Oh dear, what a mess – and I thought I was getting away from the craziness at home…” ?

We spend at least 1/3 of our day at work, so having a disorganized workspace can add stress to you and impact others (i.e. appearances matter and your work space is a reflection of you – both as a worker and a person). 

Here are some quick tips to turn your workspace in the zen, yet productive place:

  • Find your vision – Look in decorating magazines for different ideas to serve as your inspiration.
  • Clean up – Spend a day de-cluttering. Get rid of anything in your cube or office that you already have digital and put away as much as you can in file cabinets and drawers
  • Make it yours – Invest in a nice desk set (I got mine handmade from for $60). Bring in a plant, a goldfish tank, throw pillows, framed art, or a yummy smelling diffuser. Check your basement for items from your old apartment that don’t fit in your home.
  • Keep a productive stash – Having necessities on hand means you don’t have to go out and can stay productive. Here’s a quick shopping list: Gum, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail file, sewing kit, jar of Advil, tampons and pads, deodorant, hair clip, extra makeup, pantyhose, lightweight sweater or pashmina, umbrella, ready-to-eat can of soup, box of granola bars, 6-pack of V8, and Shout Wipes or a Tide To Go stick.
  • Keep it up – Your workspace will stay zen if you clear off your desk each Friday afternoon before you leave for the weekend.

Looking for some office design ideas? Check out the Pinterest Office Organization Board.

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  1. Great post. Thoughts on the new trend of office buildings shifting to hoteling and people losing permanent office space? Seems that this will make it more difficult to maintain a feeling of permanency and zen feeling to have all our stuff in a locker.

    • I’ve worked in a hoteling office before and personally it was not a very comfortable environment. It promotes more of a get in/get out culture to work, which may be better for some people, but others may feel devalued by the company. On the bright side, hoteling means less clutter and simplicity because you can only have what you can carry! For those in this situation, I’d suggest packing up a gardeners bag (click here for an example) and inclding your necessitites – a fake plant, picture frame, or soft and pashmina thrown over you chair can still fit in a hosteling environment to bring on a more “zen” space.

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