The Liebster Award

liebster2It’s not everyday that we get selected for awards, and WMB is proud when these things happen, both big and small. So when The Not So Secret Life of the Average Mom nominated Work-Mom Balance for the Liebster Award, we were happy to answer some questions about the blog and your blogger-in-chief. So here we go!

How long have you been blogging? A little over a year
How do you spend your time away from kids? At the nail salon
What’s your favorite dinner recipe? Ratatouille
How do you make time to blog? Starting the day early
What appeals to you most about writing? The opportunity to help and inspire others
How long does it take for your kids to mess up your clean house? 10 minutes
Other than being a parent, what else would you like to blog about? Everything!
How many hours do you actually sleep a night? 6
Best thing about being a mom / dad? The power of love
What’s unique about your blog? Brevity and useful information

To share the love, Work-Mom Balance nominates the following blogs. Please check them out!

  • dramafreemama – This blog is hilarious
  • I Wanted it all – She talks about real emotions –  very inspiring 
  • Redefining Mom – This blog is really easy to read
  • Chaos & Kiddos – Great information in digestible bits
  • FitFabFunMom – Ok, we’re breaking the rules by nominating a more established blog, but her daily’s posts are fabulous

Interested in learning more about the Liebster Award, click here.

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