Channeling Your Inner Martha Stewart

retrosupermom_v8Ah Martha Stewart, the queen of perfectionism…Contrary to popular belief, channeling “good things” like our homemaker-extraordinaire can be a part of a busy working mom lifestyle. No, we’re not going to suggest you start creating professional scrapbooks or grow your own her herb garden; instead let’s take a fresh look at Martha, the working mom, who built an expire of decor, taste, beauty, and all things domestic…

So please consider the following core areas of Martha greatness. Can these apply to your life? I think so!

  • Organization – In the world of Martha Stewart, everything is organized, whether it’s a sock drawer or a kitchen cabinet. Unfortunately for us, getting organized can take time, but keeping a system will save you time in the long-run.
  • Variety – Martha always offers new recipe ideas, which is great for us because no one, no matter how busy they are, should miss out on a diet full of variety. We all deserve excitement and adventure in the kitchen, even if it’s a quick meal with a few choice ingredients.
  • Cleanliness – Having a clean house means that your family will benefit from a structured environment with fewer germs. IMHO, cleanliness = peace of mind.
  • Quick steps – Martha offers lots of shortcuts to make life easier – from kitchen shortcuts to party tips, the secret to a working mom’s success is finding shortcuts and efficiencies.

So never be afraid to channel your inner Martha Stewart – take some time and implement an idea from You might just surprise yourself with how “domestic” you actually are!

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