The Magic of Outsourcing

Thoughtful female studentSome call it “delegating,” others call it “prioritizing” or “outsourcing…” Whatever you call it, the art of giving tasks to someone else so you can focus on what’s truly important is an art form for many successful working moms.

How can we spend less time on the annoying tasks that get in the way of your family time, work, or health? First, spend a week recording how much time you spend on each “To Do” that’s outside of work, leisure, or time with your family. Next, strategize how you can outsource these tasks. Here’s a short list of things that you can unload immediately for free or for a minimal fee:

Shopping (Cost = $0 for orders over $35 or $99/year for Amazon Prime) – Set up your husband with the Amazon app and put him in charge of buying things like light bulbs, ballet tights, diapers, batteries, toothbrushes, vitamins, you name it… Men are perfectly capable of doing this and using Amazon means no time wasted searching the store aisles.
Laundry (Cost = $1/lb.) – Find a laundromat and ask about wash and fold service – it will save you so much time – they may even deliver if you are nearby!
Grocery Shopping (Cost = $5-$10) – Use the web to find your closest online grocery delivery service will allow you to only purchase what you need, and save time by using saved lists from previous orders.
Lunch and Snack Packing (Cost = $0) – This should be outsourced to the kids as soon as they’re old enough. They’ll have a greater appreciation for their food since they select everything themselves.
Cleaning (Cost = $0) – Outsource to your family by having a “Clean up one’s mess” family rule. Take an inventory of where messes tend to occur and keep supplies like Lysol® wipes, garbage bins, and a hand vacuum nearby.

Looking for more ideas on how to outsource time-consuming tasks? Check out or for tasks, for meal planning and shopping, and for support with pet care, childcare, and cleaning.

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