Eliminating Email Overload

help buttonDo you ever feel like your email inbox is running your life? Sometimes we are afraid of deleting emails because we’re afraid we’ll need it later or we’re still thinking through how to respond. Yet taking control of email can help you sleep better at night! Here are five tips, inspired by a webinar lead by Productivity and Life Coach Bob Proudfit:

  • Keep separate work and personal email accounts – Not only is it good for your professionalism (I.e. big brother IT departments), keeping a separation of work and home is good for peace of mind.
  • Keep only four folders – File emails into folders called “To do,” “To Read,” “To Save/Archived,” and “Waiting/Follow up” (this last one is for anything that requires an action from someone else).
  • Process email; don’t work in email – Check it only a few times a day, touching each email for 30 seconds or less, and move emails to each of your 4 folders.
  • Unsubscribe and set rules in a Outlook – Remove yourself from mailing lists by clicking then “unsubscribe” from the bottom of the note. Companies must stop sending emails to you by law if you request to be removed from their lists.
  • Remember email is just a vehicle for communication, like mail or phone – Your email box is not the same as your “To Do” list.

Looking for additional productivity guidance? Check out Bob Proudfit’s website for information on coaching and consulting.

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