Just Fake It

beautiful girl with laptopNo, we’re not talking about that scene from When Harry Met Sally; we’re talking about simple steps you can take to put on the façade of professional, confident, and healthy working mom extraordinaire.

There’s a ton of tricks out there (and readers, we welcome your secrets too!), and here are five (Shhh – don’t tell) easy ways to “fake it”:

  • Wear a dress with heels – No matter the dress code, a dress, even a casual one will give you an instant look of poise and confidence. Same thing with goes with heels.
  • Refuse to let a scratchy throat turn into a full-blown cold – Start the day with a glass of OJ, Airborne, use a Neti Pot, and take a dose of DayQuil™; then at night take a hot shower and an Advil, then a shot of NyQuil™ and at least 8 hours of sleep. And repeat…
  • Buy store-bought and add a little something – Buy store-made cookies and cake frosting to create quick “homemade” sandwich treats; Mix a cheese cake with a gallon of strawberry ice cream and mold for a sinful dessert; Keep a stash of wine and candles for last-minute hostess gifts. And you can never stock up on too many picture frames – then add a meaningful photo for a personal gift.
  • Have your product arsenal nearby – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will easily clean your walls from fingerprints; Pledge® makes a great shoe polish, superglue fixes anything, and Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes clean spills on many different surfaces.
  • Turn a basic ponytail into a bun – Eliminate a bad hair day by using a circular plastic doughnut (find it at Claire’s or on Amazon.com). No more excuses and you’ll look polished.

Last but not least, perfect your SMILE always! At your most panicked “I’m such a hot mess” moment, hop into an elevator by yourself and take 3 deep cleansing breaths, and remember, you’re going to give it your best!

Looking for more “fake it” ideas? Check out the web site for Krazy Glue where you find solutions for emergency fixes. Or maybe you’re perfecting your game face? Check out 12 Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure.

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