Five Iconic Images To Keep by Your Side

Cute little boy is sleepingIn this amazing digital age, each day we’re surrounded by pictures – in frames, social media, albums… friend’s pictures, your pictures… casual photos, selfies, family portraits, school photos… Yet with this bountiful array of life’s captured moments, which ones matter most and how can we make the most of them?

Here are five iconic images to keep on hand, incorporate in your daily life, and feel more fulfilled:

  • Sleeping Angel – Nothing represents love and emotion than their little faces in deep sleep. Keep this one on your bedside table.
  • Romantic Wedding – Your favorite photo from the big day, usually something different from the traditional portrait; ex. A stolen kiss, gazing into each other’s eyes, something spontaneous that happened. Keep it in a more private place like your bedroom or master bathroom.
  • Paradise – Take a landscape photo of the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited and keep as your cell phone MED0000944and computer background
  • An Inspiration – Snap a picture of someone who inspires you. A family member, a public figure, an expert in your field. (I have a clip of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand with her son). Keep this photo by your desk.
  • A Throwback From Good Times – Who could forget that crazy road trip you took in college, or a huge family reunion, or the day your son scored his first goal? You’ll always feel warm inside with this image, so keep it in your living room.

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