A Therapeutic Approach

Head shot of woman thinkingSo often life as a working mom is filled with “peaks” and “valleys.” We feel amazing when we finish work projects or have a fun time with friends and family. But what about the “valleys”? The illnesses, unexpected bills, report cards, work overload, or late night ice-cream binge… You may feel overwhelmed – like nothing ever goes as planned and that there’s no end in sight. 

Sometimes we just need to unload, to get through the “valleys” filled with sad, tired, angry, stressed, or just plain negative thoughts – and there are lots of ways to get help.

Here are five simple options to help feel better in tough times:

  1. Start a journal – Take a quiet moment and write down everything that’s bothering you. You can do this at anytime and as often as you’d like. They are your private thoughts.
  2. Find a counselor – Many insurance plans cover counseling for a co-pay, and some companies offer support for free under their Employee Assistance Program (and its completely confidential). Or if you don’t have insurance, many counselors will work out a special non-insurance rate.
  3. Have a cry – Never be embarrassed if you need to excuse yourself to a private space. Letting it all out allows you to release what’s bothering you both mentally and physically.
  4. Walk away – Sometimes taking a mental break can help in times of negativity. Take a bath, take a nap, a walk, go away for the weekend, turn off your phone, watch a movie, read a magazine, practice some yoga… anything that will take your away from the daily grind.
  5. Remember that you are not alone – Sharing your fears or frustrations with a close friend, family member, or other working mom can help. However, be cautious and certain that you’re confiding in someone you trust, and someone who is not preoccupied with their own negative feelings. Also, do not unload negativity on social media, with your kids, or with work colleagues you want to impress.

So never ever feel ashamed or embarrassed when you’re in a “valley.” Stay positive and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Looking for some additional ideas? Check out PsychCentral’s 14 Ways to Get Through Tough Times.

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