Hobbies – They’re Not Just For Single People

Remember life before kids? You probably had a few evening and weekend interests – travel, sports, music, cooking, reading…  And chance are, family has become the #1 priority and you’ve probably abandoned at least one of your “pre-kids” hobbies.

We all know that having interests and personal passions are important, so in spirit of work-life balance, I’d like to challenge you to reflect upon your hobbies. Having hobbies doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive; it’s what you make of it.

Here are a few ideas to get the work-mom balance vibe going:

  • Opera – It’s got everything you need – drama, singing, sex, violence, characters, surprises, and variety, plus lots of bragging rights. Check one out with an open mind and you may find yourself hooked.
  • Exploring Nature – Visit your township’s website and find all the nearby parks and walking trails. Have you been on all of them? Take your little ones with you on an adventure and get some exercise while you’re at it!
  • Chess, Checkers, or a Favorite Card Game – Spend a little or a lot of time on this – and your exercising your brain in the meantime.
  • Start a Collection – You’ll feel like a kid again, but it doesn’t have to be stamps or coins. Collect something you enjoy like perfume samples, postcards, bottle caps, whatever makes you happy and nostalgic!
  • Volunteer – Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, nothing is more fulfilling  than helping others in need. Consider including you kids as well – you’ll shape them to be volunteers themselves too.

Looking for other hobby ideas? Check out Thrifty Lady’s list of 150+ Hobby Ideas Broken down by Interests and Personality Type.

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