What it really means to be a working mom

A lot of times I’m asked by friends who are pregnant or thinking of starting a family what it’s like to be a working mom. I always give a balanced “sandwich” response: some pros, some cons, and a final conclusion around why I love what I do. Each time it gets me thinking about the joys of life now, compared to life before kids:

  • Being a working mom means guaranteed work-life balance – There’s no staying late at work when you have a school pickup. And weekends take a new shape where you enjoy the simple things in life and get to re-live life as a kid again. These forced mental breaks allow you put your put work into perspective and think creatively.
  • You pick up extraordinary new skills – Working moms perfect the art of prioritization, handling multiple tasks, time management, delegating, and working under pressure. This can be learned after just one season of daycare illnesses and frequent trips to the pediatrician.
  • There’s a new amazing community – Working moms will support each other, and you develop new friendships and connections through your children.
  • Work means more than ever – Before kids, work is source of income; After kids, work is providing for your family and pride in yourself. You are a role model to your kids: an independent, smart, and hard-working woman.

Looking for useful resources for new or soon-to-be working moms? Check out the Working Mother New Mom @ Home site.

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  1. Wonderful, Jennifer. Excellent column.

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