Your Daily AM Beauty Routine – Simplified

Given how busy mornings can be, it can feel daunting to “put your face on,” especially in the hot months… The biggest challenge is finding a simple routine with the right products that make the most impact. So here are five bare bones necessities to look professional, no matter how chaotic things are:

  • Serum – This is the magic product improves your skin and makes you look younger and less tired. I like Lancôme Génifique: This stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the investment and some department store counters will include a free gift.
  • BB Cream – Another multitasking innovation, this stuff takes care of sunscreen, foundation, concealer, and moisturizer. MISSHA has a good one, and now almost every beauty brand has an offering as well.
  • Lipstick – Easy-to-apply and dramatic, adding a burst of color to your lips shows that you take work seriously. Lancôme, M·A·C, and Estée Lauder have a multitude of colors, and they will help you find the best match for your skin.
  • Mascara – Similar to lipstick, putting some punch around your eyes can make a major difference. A lot of people swear by Maybelline® Great Lash® Mascara, which is a real drugstore steal.
  • Jewelry – Sometimes we forget to dig into the jewelry box, but it can make all the difference. A statement necklace and earrings are a must, and a bracelet or ring can dress up any outfit. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive either; some of my favorite pieces came from Payless!

Looking for more tips? Check out’s 10 Super Easy Ways To Simplify Your Makeup Routine.

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