Making the Most of Your Photos

Today’s modern parent swims in a sea of unlimited digital images. Every moment of our kid’s lives can be seen on Facebook, our phones, printed out, or just hidden away on the family computer. We all love to document every moment, every development, and sometimes we go a little overboard…

So how can we make sense of this digital mess? Have no fear!

  • Traditional Album – Print out all your photos, then sort. Give extras or less-than-perfect shots to friends and relatives, leaving the highlights in an album. Depending how camera happy you are, this could be more time-consuming than the options below.
  • Digital or Online Library – Go 100% digital with software or online libraries. Services online like Snapfish, Shutterfly, SmugMug, or Flickr allow you to view and store photos. Offline, Google’s Picasa (works with Windows 7 or 8) or Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery, and Apple’s iPhoto all have features to organize photos and preview with thumbnails.
  • Highlights Photo Book – Make a photo book of your favorite shots, just a few of the key milestones. Rest assured, all your photos are on the Cloud or computer somewhere, and someday when you have time on your hands, you’ll be able to enjoy every single one of them.
  • Best of Collection in a Box – Take a similar approach to the “Highlights Photo Book;” only print out a few and place them in a pretty memory box, along with some artwork, certificates, etc.

One last thing: Do not feel guilty for being disorganized with your kid’s photos, artwork, etc. The most important thing is living in the moment and enjoying these memories. Documenting everything is just that… documenting.

Looking for more ideas? Check out PC Magazine‘s 10 Great Apps to Preserve Memories.

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