Rethinking Date Night

bcoupledatingWhen the stars align and you’re all set for a night out with your other half, a typical evening might be, let me guess… Dinner and a movie? While there’s nothing wrong with a relaxing with what’s familiar, after a while, it might feel a little mundane and predictable.

So consider a few ideas on how to mix it up and take a trip back to those good old days when date night was a little more creative and spontaneous…

  • Coffee and the book store – Sure, there are fewer bookstores nowadays, but exploring the Barnes and Noble is a fun way to spend quality time together. Resist the urge to separate; stick together then enjoy a cappuccino with adult conversation.
  • Groupon offers – This app offers a variety of crazy activities you can do together during the day or night. Try something new like paintball, Bikram yoga, horseback riding, wine tasting, etc.
  • Comedy club – They say laughter is the best medicine: it relieves stress and the jokes can be everlasting. After the show, discuss which parts were the best and keep them going.
  • Adventure drive and “parking” – Hop in the car and pick a new place – a town or section you’ve never explored before or haven’t visited in a while. Chances are, you’ll find a place for romance – a lake, a mountain view, a quaint square, or a country road. Let your inner teenager come out…
  • Art museum and drinks – There’s something so sexy about art museums. Dress up and visit together, then let the art inspire you. Visit a trendy bar and feel “cool” once again.

Can’t get a sitter? Recreate the “date” at home with 32 Stay-At-Home Date Ideas (Plus links to 350+ more ideas!) from Six Sisters’ Stuff.

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