Turning the Morning Tortoise into a Hare

Mornings are a particular challenge for any working mom. There’s always something that comes up unexpectedly. And when it comes to the kids, the more you rush, the slower they move…

Here are a few techniques to try if you’re dealing with “the morning tortoise”:

  • Set alarms – Set up a series of alarms on your phone for common morning milestones like waking up, getting dressed, finishing breakfast, and getting out the door. Make it fun by programming a special song for each alarm.
  • Prep the night before – Make coffee and lunches, set out clothes, and review your schedule for the next day. All these steps can make the mornings less stressful.
  • Have buffer time for the unexpected – Spend a week keeping track of how long your morning routine takes, then add 15 minutes to your schedule to factor in an unexpected spill, homework review, or road construction. If you finish ahead of schedule, the extra time belongs to you!
  • Hold everyone accountable to the morning routine, including yourself – Hold a family meeting and make sure that everyone knows what they are required to do each morning – both parents and children. For younger children, make a visual poster of the schedule. (I like the Melissa and Doug chore chart.)
  • Have a backup plan ready – Have a supply of items on hand in case something doesn’t go your way. For example: Cereal bars for missed breakfast, your five bare-bones beauty necessities last minute touch ups, Colgate Wisp toothbrushes for missed teeth brushing, a hairbrush and accessories, you get the point… I like to keep a bag of these items in my mudroom to drop in a backpack or my purse.

So take a cleansing breath and remember that you move mountains every morning. Looking for more ideas? Check out SheKnows.com’s 10 Tips for Getting Kids out the Door.

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