New Years Resolutions For the Working Mom

imageI love New Year’s Resolutions – I like to call them “Goals” because the word “resolution” feels so all or nothing; whereas “goals” are full of optimism. Starting a new year means you can put the prior year in perspective and start over anew.

Here are some less traditional New Year’s Goals ideas for the working mom:

  • I will prioritize my health and family over work – In other words, I will be at as many school events as possible, set aside an hour each day for “me time,” take care of my children when they’re sick, and keep work at work.
  • I will improve my work relationships – Instead of focusing on always having quality work, I will remember that relationships with coworkers can mean just as much, if not more, to my development.
  • I will be a role-model to my children – My daily attitude and actions shape my child’s future, so I will set a good example by always thinking and speaking positively about work around my family.
  • I’ll embrace my inner mom – I’ll focus on being tender, adventurous, and creative with my children, even if I’m stressed out.
  • I will not be a martyr or have a chip on my shoulder – As difficult as it may be miss Happy Hour because of a child pick up, or frustrating to see a male colleague get promoted sooner, negativity will only result in more negativity.

Happy New Year Working Moms!

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