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imageTaking a cue from other well-dressed female executives, I can’t help but notice that their wardrobes seem to follow very simple formula: A simple, yet classic item paired with a more trendy item or eye catching accessory. It really is smart to invest in some quality foundational items. But what is essential and worth the investment?

Here are my top five “must have” working mom wardrobe items:

  1. The Power Heel – A beautiful pair of shoes can make any outfit and a pointed 3″ black leather heel conveys that you are ambitious and confident. Click here for more tips on shoes.
  2. Black Pants – Another business casual staple, these pants can be paired with an Oxford, cashmere sweater, or a cardigan. Find a quality pair and have them professionally tailored.
  3. A Flattering Pencil Skirt – A pencil skirt is ladylike, but also modest enough for work. I invested in mine from Max Mara, but a similar one can be found at Express or Loft for a lot less money.
  4. A Basic Blazer – I found mine years ago at Ann Taylor and it never goes out of style. Choose one that’s simple and it will go with any dress, skirt, or pant.
  5. A Versatile Cardigan – A well-made cardigan is a great staple for a business-casual office – you can either wear it alone or with another shirt. Just make sure you find one with tight stitching that doesn’t end up with fuzz or attract lint.

I also considered the following items as runners up: a shift dress, power suit, white Oxford, no-wrinkle patterned dress, and loafers with a modest heel.

Looking for more fashion tips for work? Check out Tim Gunn’s 10 essential items every woman needs.

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