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There are so many self-help books and articles out there with tips and tricks for busy parents, some of which claim that having lots of sex is the key to a strong marriage. While that may be true for some, I’m a strong believer that a happy marriage is more about making the most of your time together and defining intimacy your own way.

Here are five small things that you can do to give a little TLC to your marriage: 

  •  Sign up for a DVR/On Demand – It’s not worth fighting over who gets to watch what, this amazing technology allows TV watching when you want to watch. Even better: Find a show to binge watch together!
  • Have a Monthly Date Night – He may resist, but trust me, it’s worth it to pay for a sitter and do something together. Going out with another couple is fun too. Click here for some easy date night ideas.
  • Give Him a Cave – A “Man Cave” that is! Make sure he has a dedicated space to be alone and in his element every once in a while. Let him watch football, have a private office, do a project in the garage, etc. If he looks tired or stressed, suggest he go blow off some steam away from the family.
  • Laugh Together  –  It’s easy to get into a rut where everything is focused and serious, but chances are, you’ve had your share of laughs and inside jokes .. think back to before marriage if you have too! Watching a comedy may help rekindle the silly.

Interested in more tips? Check out this great list of 25 Ways to Show Love to Your Husband Everyday.

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