Text document in folder iconLooking for ideas? Here are some quick tips from the Work-Mom Balance archives:


  • Surviving a major blunder – take the onus (i.e. “I feel as stupid as I look”) and move on
  • Making a small mistake in front of a large audience – if less than 20% notices, just move on
  • Presentation jitters? – Wear something that makes you feel fabulous! Rehearse in a quiet, private place.
  • Intimidated in front of a large audience? Scan the room to find your fans (i.e. the people you know and trust), focus on them, then move across the room to another

Health & Wellness

  • Drink lots of water – try different ways to jazz it up (ex. drop in some fruit)


  • Adventure can be found both near and far. Take a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been before.


  • Crying or clingy toddler during drop-off? Walk out, wait a couple of minutes, then peek back in – In most cases, they’ll have gotten over it


  • Use technology to make your life easier – Apps like Intuition, Cozi, and Mint are great tools

Productivity at Work

  • Each morning, set your 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs), and place them on a yellow sticky on your computer. Cross them off as completed.
  • Keep all communications simple, especially emails and PowerPoint slides – Present each idea in 5 bullets or less.

Stress Management

  • Indulge in your guilty pleasures – you have a right to enjoy a B-rated movie, fast food, or pop music


  • Getting your nails done regularly can give you an instant polished look

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